COVID-19 Update

We want to let you know about the steps we are taking to ensure we can continue to support all of our customers during the current Coronavirus pandemic.


Rowan Dartington is following government guidance and taking steps to try to minimise the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on its operations, while doing our utmost to keep our people safe. We have a comprehensive contingency and continuity plan in place, and this has allowed us to maintain our service at this current time.


In accordance with government advice, we have asked many of our colleagues who are categorised as ‘non-essential’ staff to work from home in order to help with the national effort to slow the spread of the virus. However, this means we will have fewer staff in the office than usual and, as a result, normal operations are likely to be affected by the current conditions.  This means it could take you longer to reach us by phone and you may also experience longer handling times. To help us prioritise more urgent calls during this time, please use contact us and send us a message with details of your query.  We will endeavour to contact you within 2 hours and help with your enquiry.


You will also be aware that stock markets around the world are being impacted by the global pandemic, which means markets are more volatile than usual and this will also have an effect on investment operations. In particular, you may find that the time it takes to execute orders will be longer than normal or the order may execute at a different price to that originally indicated due to market fluctuations.  When dealing with orders, we will do all we can to keep you updated and informed and ensure you are fully supported during this difficult time.

We’ll keep our website updated as the situation evolves, so please check this page for the latest information before calling us.


Latest Information:


Service Updates: 

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In light of Covid-19, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has set up a new ‘Coronavirus (Covid-19)’ suite of web-pages, which are being continuously updated and expanded. The FCA are closely monitoring COVID-19 situation and taking sensible precautions to make sure consumers are protected.

Their website provides you with the steps you can take to stay aware of any possible impact to your finances.