Responsible Investing

The power to help change the world

There’s now greater opportunity for people to align their values with their financial objectives. By putting your wealth to work for the issues you believe in, you have the power to help change the world through responsible investing.

What is responsible investing?

You may have already heard the terms environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing as well as stewardship, ethical and impact investing. They’re all popular descriptions of approaches we group into the umbrella term ‘responsible investing’, which consider a range of factors when seeking to generate financial returns over the medium to long term.

Why invest responsibly?

Help to make a positive impact with your investments.

The impact our choices have on society and the environment has never been greater than it is today. Everything we do, from the food we eat to the types of products we buy and the way we travel has a consequence on the world around us.

As well as adjusting our lifestyle, changing how we invest our money is another way to help influence how businesses behave. Investors can collectively push an industry in the right direction by investing in companies that are taking positive action and avoiding those with harmful practices.

Investing responsibly with Rowan Dartington

If you’re looking to invest in a way that can have a positive impact, then our Environmental, Social and Governance portfolio could be ideal.

Through our Discretionary Managed Service, we’ll select investments that have been approved for responsible investment and then manage the portfolio on your behalf.

Our service can appeal to a wide range of people including individuals and families with assets held in a variety of structures, from trusts and bonds to ISAs and self-invested personal pensions. This approach can also be attractive to charities and small pension schemes looking for a tailored response to their needs to invest responsibly.


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If you’re interested in investing in a way that can have a positive impact on society and the environment, please speak to your Investment Manager or contact us for more details.

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